How to talk about money with the informal sector in Africa

Case study on savings behavior of traders and informal sector employees in Senegal. Hello Yuxies ! All case studies and stories by YUX are now on medium ! You can find this entire article here


YUX lance sa formation “UX Lead”

La YUX Design Academy est un centre de formation créé en janvier 2019 par l’agence YUX dans le but former la nouvelle génération de designers dont l’Afrique a besoin. Nous offrons des formations professionnalisantes permettant aux jeunes et aux professionnels de se spécialiser dans les domaines du UX-UI et du Human Centered Design. Notre but … Continue reading YUX lance sa formation “UX Lead”

User Experience Design for Fintech in Africa

YUX is a Human Centered Design company based in Senegal. After quite a few digital finance projects undertaken around the African continent in 2018, we wanted to share with you the main insights we have seen designing and testing fintech apps in Africa. UX, UI and Design.

Iconathon # 2 – Honouring African food!

Saturday, May 13 was held the second edition of the #ICONATHON – a initiative in which twenty designers created icons on the theme of African food. Let’s go back on this original event held in partnership with Kombosa Studio, Deck et Koristock.

10 things you didn’t know about street vendors in Senegal !

In partnership with the digital agency ByFilling, YUX Dakar has recently carried out a qualitative study on street vendors in Senegal. Our designers spent several days getting in touch with the merchants to understand their technological uses, frustrations and aspirations. The aim of this public study is to inspire the design of useful digital solutions adapted to their daily lives.

Iconathon #2 – La cuisine africaine à l’honneur !

Le Samedi 13 mai s’est tenu la seconde édition du #ICONATHON - une initiative unique dans laquelle une vingtaine de graphistes et designers ont créé des icônes sur le thème de la cuisine africaine. Retour sur cet événement organisé en partenariat avec Kombosa Studio, Deck et Koristock.

10 choses que vous ne saviez pas sur les vendeurs de rue au Sénégal !

Cette étude s’est intéressée aux vendeurs de café, de crédit et de fruits. Elle a confirmé certaines anticipations sur les marchands… mais plus intéressant encore, elle a révélé un bon nombre d’insights surprenants

How to conduct an ethnographic study before launching your app ? Street vendors case study

Our goal in sharing freely the results of this Human Centered Design study is to initiate a thinking on the development of innovations adapted to street sellers. In a more general initiative, we also want to share our methodologies so that a maximum of startups may use them in their respective fields.

Iconathon Dakar: create icons representing Africa

Saturday, April 8th took place in Dakar the first iconathon of the country and likely of Africa. Let’s go back on this unique designer’s event held by YUX Dakar in partnership with Kombosa Studio and Deck, whose aim was to initiate the design of African icons!